Starbucks is genius

Every one knows I’m a Starbucks fan.
A HUGE Starbucks fan.

Borderline obsessed.

If you’ve read my “What you may or may not know…about me” page on this blog, you may have already figured it out.
If not, now you know.

There’s this cool new thing Starbucks is doing on their cups. They’re writing encouraging and inspiring quotes, so while you drink, you will have something to think about. I’ve read a few of the quotes and have been encouraged to continue on with my day. Who doesn’t love great quotes now and then?

It’s a genius idea.

The other day, my friend posted a picture of one of the quotes printed on his cup.
I thought it was too great not to share. So I saved the picture to my computer and here it is, specially posted on my blog for me to share with you.
I think this quote states it all perfectly.
It’s the Gospel in 140 characters or less. On a Starbucks cup.
Now you can’t have an excuse that you’ve never heard the Gospel. It’s written right there on your Starbucks cup.

Like, I said, it’s a genius idea.


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