Fill In the Blank Friday

Found this idea through a blog I read. Let the good times begin!

Fill In The Blank Friday.

1. New Years is scary, yet exciting. It gets my heart pumpin’ and I can’t ever seem to sit still. I have nervous energy the entire night into the early morning hours of January 1st.

2. One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to stay organized, yet still maintain a flexible schedule. [harder said then done, apparently!]

3. A New Year’s resolution I’ve made in the past was to lose weight [the obvious], but also to be a more dedicated blog writer…I guess I did alright, huh?

4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was to finish at least at least 7 books a month. So stressful, especially during senior year!

5. This year I will be spending New Year’s Eve with my family and lots of friends at a friend’s house. Traditions :]

6. If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be to stop obsessing over other people’s opinions of myself and focus solely on who God wants me to be.

7. 2012 is going to be awesome. I am determined to have more adventures, more lessons, more fun, more memories, and more patience!

Happy New Year, peeps! :]

P.S. it’s also Follow Friday…so follow my blog and my twitter! @lilmisskeri93


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