Bring it, 2012. Let the challenge begin.

Author’s note: Welcome, 2012! Happy New Year, people! As 2011 has drawn to a close and we have reached Doom’s Day, I mean…, 2012 ;], I challenge you to let this be your New Year’s Resolution. This blog post is a challenge to you, as my readers. I’m warning you, what is said in this post is hard, raw, and straight forward, but it’s worth it [hopefully to you]. I’ve observed this idea repeatedly and after lots of drafts, thoughts, and prayer, I’ve decided to finally post it. I’m still learning how to do this, too, so don’t think I’m perfect at this! No way! This is a struggle of mine and maybe it’s a struggle of yours. Either way, read this, think about it, and maybe focus on how this can impact your 2012. Happy New Year, readers. Thanks for being awesome.

You know when you write a paper for school, like a research paper or an essay, how you have to plan out your thoughts?
We’ve all gone through the writing process, in one way or the other.
You first need an outline but in order to make an outline, you need to know the ending. But in order to know the ending, you must know the beginning and the middle. Academic writing is all about planning and it’s all about knowing the end as you write the beginning. It’s all about figuring out how to get to the end while you’re still in the middle. How to make it all make sense in a logical and factual manner.

For my blog posts, however, I just type. I never know where I’m going until I get there. I just let my thoughts glide from my mind, to the keyboard, to the screen. I talk inside my head as I type and I just let my thoughts run wild. There is no organization and there is no outline. I don’t sit down and plan an outline for each blog post, because frankly, I don’t have time to do that for every post. I post sporadically, but when I do, I just create a new post and type.

Now, let me ask you a question.
When it comes to your life, which Creator would you want? Would you want the Author of your Life to be sporadic and not know what he’s doing as He does it OR would you want him to know every detail of your life so that He could help you get to the ending and for it to have all worked out perfectly?
I’m not sure about you, but I would want the second one. And if you chose the second one, too, (the planner), then congratulations.
God is the Planner and the Author of our lives.

Okay, Okay… you may be thinking. I know this already. Why is Keri telling me this again?
Because this simple concept and reality is the foundation of our lives.
Every decision we make and every thought we think is effected by what I just said.

Sounds a little out there, you may be thinking. But here’s my thinking.
If you believe that God knows your beginning, middle, and end, then why do you live your lives as if He doesn’t exist?
Why do you live your life forgetting that He’s right there; ignoring His very existence; disregarding the way He’s writing your story?
Instead, you [we] go about your lives as if you’re the story writers. We think we know best. We think we can handle it. We’re Super Man. We’re invincible. We have this whole life thing figured out…down to a science.

Then “life” happens.
Things get in the way. Obstacles come. Trials appear. Mountains are suddenly before us in this path of life we were walking. We didn’t plan these things. We didn’t plan the failures, the heart aches, the tears, the fears, the struggles, the confusion. But it still happened.
And now, our science that we thought we knew so perfectly comes crashing down around us. We freak out and question things and question ourselves.
What am I here for? What is my purpose? Why is life going like this? Why can’t I be happy?
The questions keep on coming, but we don’t have the answers.
The notion we had constructed for ourselves that we are the authors of our lives suddenly looks like a melted popsicle on a hot day… a gooey, slimy mess. It has no structure, no shape, no purpose. It’s just there and there’s no way to fix it.
We feel like failures.

But then, there’s a bright side to all this. We instantly realize, once again, that we aren’t in control. Jesus knew all this would happen. He planned it. He put those things in our lives. He wanted to see how we’d react. He challenged us to see what we’d do…if we’d let a little fear and a little failure stand in the way of Him. And then, we realize… we did. We put Him on the back burner as we continued to insist that we were capable of writing our own stories without Him.

Suddenly, it comes back to us. The fact that we are just little human beings placed on the earth. We don’t know what lies ahead of us, God does. We think we know it all, because we get wrapped up in the idea of knowing it all. We think we have it all, because the world teaches us that we can have it all…if we just try hard enough.
So then we wake up and live our lives for Jesus for a while until that fades away and the idea that we can conquer life again [by ourselves] comes back into our minds.
And the whole process starts over again.

I’m not sure about you, friends, but I’m sick of this process. The process where I keep putting myself first. The process that puts God behind me. The process where I think I know what’s best. This process is just like my earlier writing example. It’s spontaneous. It’s unpredictable. It’s random. And in this process, it doesn’t put Jesus first.

So, I ask you again. Which would you rather have? A Creator that is spontaneous and random, or a Creator that knows every detail of your life and knows how it’s going to all work out?
Because, if you chose the second one, prove it.
Stop putting yourselves first.
Stop focusing on what YOU want.
Stop making the world all about you.
Stop being in control.
Stop saying that God is in control of your life, but then not following through with it.

Instead, start…
Letting go.
Being free.
Letting God take over
Watching how He writes your life
Seeing how it all works out

You may be afraid to do this.
It’s challenging, no doubt.
It’s scary.
It’s adventurous.
It’s different.
It’s unique.

It’s worth it.

I found a quote once on Pinterest. It was so profound, I wrote it on an index card in black sharpie and taped it to my wall in several different places throughout my room.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

If you believe God’s the Author of your life, challenge yourself to prove it.
Because when was the last time you saw the book’s characters tell the author how the story must be written?


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