Today, I made a few discoveries about myself and the world in general.
Let me tell you something: no matter how long you live, you will learn something new every day. True story.

1) I can see how Pinterest can be really addicting… became a member today!

2) Winter break lacks one thing right now– snow.

3) I’ve come to the conclusion [again] that stressing about things I have no control over doesn’t get me anywhere. this habit’s hard to break, let me tell you!

4) I love when babies smile back at me. It lets me know that I am not acting like a complete idiot for nothing.

5) My room will never be perfectly organized, because frankly, every time it is, I find something that “needs” to be redone.

6) Typing with acrylic nails is obnoxious… this whole time, I’ve had music on to block out the sound of “click click clickclickclickclickclick.”

The End.


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