4 Quick Thoughts

I’ve been into lists lately. I love numbering things on paper and seeing exactly how many things I need to do before freedom.
To Do Lists, thank you note lists, books to read lists, the list of lists goes on and on…!
Especially on this blog, I love numbering my thoughts instead of expounding on them.
Believe me, this fad will eventually end, but until it does, you will have to deal with it.

So…with that little head’s up, here are my thoughts for today in bullet pointed numerals.

1. Boyce Avenue– amazing. I have a whole new obsession with them. (Listen to their versions of Drops of Jupiter and Grenade!)

2. It is awfully warm for January. A lot of people are complaining about it, but I really like it. I was never one for winter. Fall, yes, but winter, no.

3. Adele is really talented.

4. Kaila is a genius woman. We had a spontaneous photo shoot yesterday (beautiful day for it!) and she used bubble wrap, me, and sunlight and made this piece of art. Allllll Kaila and her wicked photography skills!

[Check out her amazing photography blog: kailaregina.com]

Hmm… only four thoughts today! I will have more later, I’m sure. :]


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