The gift that keeps on giving.

I have neglected this blog for about a week or so.
In the “real” world, that is not a long length of time, but for the blogging world, that is an eternity.
My apologies.

Every day is a gift. Sometimes, I have to remind my self of this many times a day. Especially during this time of year.
Spring semester has officially arrived.
And with the spring semester, comes a new round of trials, obstacles, stressful situations, joys, exciting moments, and gifts.
Gifts at every corner.
Gifts wherever I look.
Not physical gifts, like a wrapped present or a bag with a ribbon.
But hidden gifts.
I’ve shared in the past about my challenge to find 1,000 gifts.
Who knew that a gift would be getting to class and finding the only seat available was in the front row?
God did.
He knew that my attention span [especially when it comes to anything mathematical] is short and that sitting in front would not only give me a full view of the board, but I’d also make a friend or two at the end of the class.
Who knew that forgetting a coat on a cold February night would lead to fully enjoying the cold weather and the sight of exhaled breath as it filled the air?
God did.
Who knew that sitting in a window sill would not only allow me to feel the sunlit windows’ warmth on my face, but also give me a perfect view to see a long-lost friend walking my way?
God did.
Who knew that finishing a long day of classes and walking outside to see snow falling from the sky would lead to a grin on my face and a burst of un-containable energy?
God did.
You see, to me, these things would’ve been insignificant if I had not stopped to think about why they happened.
God is constantly showing me and giving me reasons to trust Him. To show that the little things are from Him. Little gifts, although they aren’t wrapped in paper or tied with a ribbon, are still just as significant and precious.
I know most of my blog posts end up talking about the hidden gifts and/or why God puts them in our lives, but this entire challenge has given me a new perspective.
Even on the most “boring” days, I still try to find at least two, or maybe three, gifts.

I have been pretty busy with school [already!] but I had to update you on my gift challenge.
Hopefully this tidbit of a blog post inspired and/or encouraged you to keep with your personal gift challenge.
Have you found any gifts today?


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