Curiosity is getting the best of me.

Stop right there! I need your help.

The reason I’m writing this:

I’m a Communications major. This, you may have already known, for I have written about it before.
In one of my core communications’ classes this semester, we’re discussing mass media and the effects it has society.
My professor has begun to explain the logistics behind what looks to be casual television with minor advertising.
What seems to be innocent television really has a huge message behind it.
Weird, right? Everything on TV is put there for a reason– everything.
I had no idea. There is a whole different world behind the scenes of production and media in general.
They don’t call it “the world of television” for nothing!
Okay, I actually I did know a little bit about this world of television, but I didn’t know the depth of it all, how much time it took, and what all had to happen for a simple show or commercial to be added to the schedule.

And that got me thinking…
What shows are the most popular? What shows are people more interested in?
Why are the shows interesting? Why can’t people WAIT for the next new episode?
What’s so great?
I’ll spare you the crazy long answer and tell you simply:
because the mass media industry is doing their job efficiently.
You and I are addicted to shows like Glee or The Office because of the behind-the-scenes industry that helps shows like those two succeed.
It’s mind blowing, really, if you take the time to have this information sink in…really sink in.
The fact that we’re addicted to these shows is not just because of our personal interests, but because of a specific scientific method.

So, you may be thinking…that’s great. but why do you need my help?
That’s where YOU come in. The “so what” is that I’m a curious person. I’m a Communications major. I’m studying the insanity of media and how it effects you and me.
And because of all these reasons, I want you to take the poll!
Simply put, I’m curious to see what shows you’re watching now that I have a little bit more info on the entire process of it all.
Side Note: If your show is not listed, please choose the option “Other” and then comment on this post to tell me which show that is.

Heads up: If this experiment succeeds, I may continue to ask for your help in the future. I may post polls or questions that I’d love your feedback on in order to gain a better understanding of the media world. What better way to learn more about people’s opinions then to ask them through my blog? It’s perfect. Don’t worry about future questions… for now, just click an answer. I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks mucho!


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