Spreadin’ the love

So, I was introduced to something pretty amazing the other night.
Apparently, it’s this thing that EVERYONE likes and before Friday night, I had not tried it yet.
People were pretty shocked.
Pretty sad.
Pretty mad.
All these random emotions were spewn at me because I had not tried this amazing thing.
Apparently, I had not lived life to the fullest because of this absence.
But no need to fear, that quickly changed.
So what is this amazing thing, you ask?
Oh, ok…I’ll tell you.
Yep, that’s right.
Before Friday night, I had never tried Nutella.
Go ahead…join the “WHAT?!?!” club.
But don’t worry–it was quickly remedied. I’m now a huge fan of Nutella.
It seriously rocks and I’m starting to realize why people got so mad at me when I had proclaimed I was a “Nutella virgin.”
Such a weird title, but alas…Nutella and I have finally met. And we definitely have a connection.
It’s love.
So…with that said, are you a Nutella fan?
If so, what do you put Nutella on? I need some ideas on how to spread this love (haha pun intended!) on every food I eat.
It’s just that good.


4 thoughts on “Spreadin’ the love

  1. Hi, LDHG,
    So! You’ve discovered Nutella, have you? I’ve never tasted it, but I’ve seen commercials for it on TV. Joanna likes it, too! It must be a granddaughter thing! You think?
    You must be getting excited about your Florida trip later this month. WOW! You’ll be 19 when you go!
    And here’s another WOW I just thought of…you can VOTE in the national election this November! That’s very exciting, too!
    Pop Pop and I pray for you every day. Please let us know whenever you have something specific that we can pray for, okay?
    Love you lots!! TLGHG


  2. I tried Nutella for the first time about four years ago at my Uncle Ca-ca’s house in Corpus Christi, TX. Uncle Ca-ca and Aunt Mary Alice eat Nutella on bagels. It’s okay… I prefer a French toast bagel with cream cheese from Lighthouse Bagels in OBX.


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