Tuesday afternoon goodness

Tuesday afternoon! How’s your day going? For me, all I know is that it’s been a good day and I can’t pinpoint why.
Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been filled with productivity or the fact that I finished three assignments so far.
Or, maybe, it’s just because some days you wake up and know it’s going to be a good day… just because it is.
Welcome to my Tuesday afternoon: a day that is good with no apparent reason.
It just is.
And to celebrate the day of random awesomeness, I have created a list of things that I like on Tuesdays.

My iPod.
A desk.
A quiet place to study.
PB&J sandwiches.
Mechanical pencils.
Good hair days.
Flip flops.
The sun.
Easy assignments.

These are just a few things that overwhelm my Tuesday afternoons.

P.S. My experiment to see if classical music helps my attention span increase is working.
Classical music really does help with focus, no lie!


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