speechless, wordless beauty.

“I always thought I was good with words, until I needed to describe something. To describe something perfectly is a beautiful art. To master it, you must practice. To practice, you must simply look around and see the beauty that lies before you.”

Sometimes, I like to read through old journals and see what I wrote. Tonight was one of those nights.
As I was flipping through a more recent journal, I stumbled upon an entry I wrote just a mere few months ago.
I read it a few times over to familiarize myself with the words, but I still don’t remember writing it. It’s like the person who wrote it was a different Keri from ages ago; someone who stole my name, my handwriting, and my thoughts and claimed it as theirs. But it was me. That’s my signature and the date scratched at the edge of the page.
It must’ve been early morning when I wrote the entry [AKA the time of day when my brain is asleep!] because usually,
I can remember specific details. But nope! Not this time. Isn’t it crazy how you can encourage yourself without even knowing it?
Reading the entry made me thankful for journals and the fact that I sometimes still use them…on occasion. ;] [even if I can’t remember it!]
I really should write in them more often, because sometimes, your past self encourages your present self and it’s crazy how that works.
Anyways, enough of my rambling…
Here’s the entry.

“There are some things in life that don’t require thinking to be beautiful. It just is. Like a sunset over looking the beach or waking up to the birds chirping. For some reason these sorts of things calm me, but I can’t describe why. Words simply refuse to do them justice. I think God did this for a reason so even Type-A people like me, who over think everything, can, too, see and grasp the concept of speechless, wordless beauty. To think outside of ourselves and focus on something we can only momentarily take in; something that was so specifically designed by the One who created words. It will be gone in an instant. Sometimes, the Creator of words can also make us momentarily forget them all when we steal a glimpse at speechless beauty. He purposely takes the words from us so that we can’t think so hard we miss it. It is beautiful, because… it just is.”


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