College can change you.

College can change you.
In more ways then one if you let it, but I have only noticed one change in me:
I now enjoy/understand football.

Wait… what?! Hello, Keri? Is this really you?
If you had asked me a few years ago, “Do you watch football?”
I would’ve said yes, of course. I watch it. Always have. But here’s the catch.
You can watch something, but not understand it.
You can watch something, but not enjoy it.
You can cheer on your team, and then sit down and realize you have no idea why you just stood up and cheered.
You just cheered because everyone else did, so you assumed that was a good thing.

This was my life. Sadly, I will admit this now, although in the past, I would’ve deemed it untrue.

College changed me in the fact that I now voluntarily go to the football games. But I don’t just sit and watch.
I cheer the team on, sit in the freezing cold, endure the torrential downpours, and make signs for my football-playing friends.
This isn’t the same Keri as two years before. This isn’t the same Keri even one year ago.
THIS Keri understands football.
Just the fact that I dedicated a blog post to this fact proves that college has changed me.
And you know what?
It’s not a bad change in the slightest.
For once, I actually kinda am okay with change.


One thought on “College can change you.

  1. Hey! I read your latest post with great interest! So…you now understand football, do you? Isn’t it simply – Throw the ball; catch the ball; everybody fall down? Okay, okay! Maybe there is a little bit more to it than that. Pop Pop loves to watch it! Me, not so much. BUT I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. And thanks for posting those neat pictures – some of them just MAY find their way into the “Kids’ Quotes” book that I make every Christmas.
    I’m so happy for you, TLDHG, because you seem to be having a WONDERFUL college experience. That’s so neat! Pop Pop and I pray for you every day, you know.
    Well, enough for this time. I hope I’m doing this “Comment” thing correctly or you won’t get this note!
    Love you lots, TLGHG


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