Noise, Music, and Love Moments.

I’ve taken a sort of hiatus from blogging accidentally.

The busyness and commotion of life have created such a sound barrier between myself and the outside world that I have sometimes wondered if I’m deaf.
Not physically deaf, but mentally deaf.
Deaf to the sounds of life, the sounds of the little joys, the sounds of blessings that I’ve raced quickly past and “have no time” to stop and cherish.
Busy, busy, busy. No time to stop and smell those little road-side roses.
You’ve probably heard this ignorance compared to blindness… being “blind” to the little things around you.
I am not blind.
What I am is deaf.

Music is a lovely thing.
It creates a story within the rhythm, dynamics, melodies, and harmonies. People study it. Cherish it. Contemplate to it. Think about it. Dream it.
Write it. The list goes on and on.
Music is everywhere, but easily forgotten.
There’s music happening right now: the clicking as I press the keyboard keys; the buzzing of the paused CD inside the CD player, waiting as I capture this fleeting thought; the sound of my breathing; the chatter of football analysts talking about the upcoming Combine on the downstairs TV.
It becomes so natural to hear the music of every day life that I take it for granted and block it out. I call it noise.
It is not noise.
It is music.

Noise is frustrating, annoying, and gets on your nerves.
Music is a blessing, a love note, a communication tool.

Only when that ‘noise’ is loud do I sense it. Only when it grabs my attention like a flash of lightning, do I stop and really listen to it.
Only then do I call it music; like the sound of laughter, of whispering, crying, instruments being played, a kind word.

Music has a way of connecting people to each other, yet I so easily disregard it as noise.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.
For many, this is a time of celebrating the love between two people.
For others, this is a day that is just like any other, only this time, it can cause depression, frustration, and loneliness if you let it.

Don’t let it get to you.
This is why.

Love is a lot like music.
It is, I’m serious.
We only are in tune with it when it’s loud… When it’s declared, publicly shown, or pushed into our faces (usually thanks to the media and/or random strangers at the mall).
I’m not sure about you, but especially on Valentines Day, I am more conscious of its presence than almost any other day in the year.

But love and music go hand in hand. There are tiny “love moments” every day. Someone holding the door for you, a smile, a sentence filled with gratitude, a sunlit sky.
Love moments.
We call them noise. We disregard them, ignore them, rush past them.
Forget about them.

But love moments are not noise. They are music. They’re small moments, but they show huge glimpses of possibility.

Tomorrow, when all the couples are sending each other gifts, chocolates, flowers, and Halmark cards, I challenge you. I challenge you, even if you ARE in a relationship, to take more than just the big moments to heart (pun intended!). Stop and realize the small love moments are music, too.

Music doesn’t have to be loud to be heard; it just simply needs someone quiet enough to hear it.
Quiet enough to stop listening to the crashing symbols and instead listen to the whispering flute.

Smile back, enjoy the sky, thank God for loving you. Enjoy it all, because those moments are quick and they don’t come back. They’re brief and if you aren’t quiet enough to hear them, you miss them.


Those little love moments aren’t noises; they’re God’s love moments…His love songs… to you.



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