Social Media: just another day in the life

I’m addicted to all things social media.
How many times have you heard that said before?
Probably too many. Probably by many who spend their days on Facebook, scrolling through a news-feed and mindlessly ‘liking’ statuses.
But don’t play innocent! We’ve all done it, myself included.

Although I update my status daily and tweet several times a day, social media is more than liking a status or retweeting Ellen DeGeneres.
Social Media use escalates daily; constant articles are written about how to be an efficient, productive, and organized social media expert.
It starts with a single tweet. A single Facebook comment. A single blog post.

Many are intimidated by the vast universe called Internet, yet adventures are exciting and many take the step into the wonderful world of media communications.

As a Communication Major who concentrates on the social media aspect of public relations, when I stumbled across these mind blowing facts , I was intrigued. Social media has become a mind boggling phenomenon all over the world.

Social media is no longer just a way to communicate with a friend who lives far away, but rather, it’s become a business opportunity, a marketing tool, and a guide. Businesses use it for research, advertising, and relating to their fans. Celebrities use it to gain popularity or receive a moral self image. Whatever the case, for better or for worse, our lives would not be the same without social media.

Check out the facts and figures; do they boggle your mind?
They boggled mine!
All that happens in ONE day!

Maybe I’m a geek when it comes to these kinds of statistics and large numbers or maybe you agree, but whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that the Internet is our new Narnia; a world that was invented just a few short years ago, yet has captured our time, altered our business plans, and created a new sense of normal for the majority of the globe.

What do you think of these numbers? Do they boggle your mind? Were you at all surprised? Leave a comment below and share this blog post link on twitter or facebook!

Also, you can practice your SM skills by following me or sending me a tweet: click here to do so!

social media trend


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