My Pinterest Epiphany

“Stay productive, not busy.”

I came across this quote yesterday during my nightly scroll through countless quote pages on Pinterest.

It stuck out like a sore thumb against the monotonous quotes about beauty, love, and family.

Isn’t productivity simultaneous to busyness? I wondered. With further contemplation, I realized they are, in fact, extremely different.

Busyness happens all the time. We busy ourselves with thoughts, habitual routines, mindless tasks, monotony. We fill the minutes, hours, and days of our lives with things that only matter in the moment.

Productivity, a rare thing, occurs less often.

Just the other day, as I prepared for bed like I do every night, I thought back on the day’s events. In the moment, I considered myself a busy person, but later that evening, I realized I hadn’t accomplished much at all. I had wasted a lot of time, but didn’t even realize it until the day was over, gone, vanished.

Jesus’ time on earth should be the ultimate standard for productivity. His short thirty-some years on Earth could make even the most productive person look like a slacker. Yes, He busied himself with tasks, but each one was stitched with purpose…reason. As He came to Earth as a baby, He showed ultimate humility and set the standard for how to approach life with a servant’s heart. As He provided fish and bread to throngs of people, He showed that He provides when least expected. As He died on the cross, He showed He loved us more than words could describe. As He defeated death and rose again, He displayed that not even the grave could hold Him.


This morning, I approached the forthcoming hours with a new and enlightened state of mind. I focused on a goal, but left flexibility for life’s unpredictable moments. Ironically, I also woke up a few hours earlier than usual and accomplished half of my to-do list before 10 am. That felt good. By 10 am, the list diminished to half its size, I began to understand busyness does not equal productivity.

As I approach the upcoming days with this new expectation of life, I think of it as a challenge. Will you join me? Don’t waste the hours of your life in mindless routine doing habitual tasks. Stay productive, not busy.

P.S. Productivity doesn’t need to be boring—so leave room for life’s unpredictable moments and God’s little joys! (Got 1,000? Click the link below to read my blog post entitled: 1,000 Little Joys!


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