3 Things To Do to Make 2014 Awesome.

Three days into 2014.

How’s your new year coming along?

As 2013 came to an end and this new year began, I found myself inspired and ready to take on anything and everything this year had to offer.
Three days into 2014, I’m starting to realize that all of my New Year’s Resolutions are going to take some serious dedication in order for them to be achieved.

Although I will not bore you with details, let it be known that one of my resolutions that I promise and vow to you, as readers, is the following: I will blog more.

You see, after looking back and reading some of my posts from 2013, I realized one thing. I only blogged when I felt inspired.
The thing with this is, although that may not seem like a problem to you, that it is a problem to me. LMK 3 ways to make 2014 awesome
Inspiration comes and goes– blogging should not be a once-in-a-blue-moon type of ordeal.
When I created this blog a few years ago, I promised myself I would document the thoughts, musings, and adventures of my life. I still want to do this and although private journaling may be the answer for some people, I find that is actually very boring to me. From personal observations and trial and error, I’ve come to the realization that it’s easier to blog then it is to journal for me. I’m not exactly sure why.

So… with all that said, this new year, I promise to blog more often than I did in 2013.
So, to ring in the new year, I begin with this.

Here are 3 Things to Do to Make 2014 Awesome.

1. Read College Prepster.

I can’t emphasize this enough. She is fantastic in every way. The College Prepster is also a blogger, like myself. Her tips, reviews, commentary, photos, and overall life (she lives in NYC– I envy her) are genius. A self-proclaimed “Type A” individual, I find myself agreeing with a lot of the things she says/does. If you are an avid blog reader like myself, you want to check this blog out. It’s amazing.
Don’t know where to start? How about here: One of my favorite articles –> Organize, Please… New Semester . (Trust me, I will definitely be revisiting this article in a few weeks when classes resume for the spring!)

2. The Memory Jar.
My friend, Niki (another blogger you should follow!), executed this idea for 2013, Instagrammed it, and I found it. It was love at first sight, quite literally.
* Find a mason jar
* Decorate it (optional, but recommended)
* Write memories all throughout the year (things that make you smile, things you want to remember, etc) and put in mason jar
* Do not look at any of the pieces of paper until New Year’s Eve
* Relive all memories and have a treasured keepsake forever.
It’s that simple. I love it. It’s genius and it’s not too late to do this idea! What are you waiting for?

3. Use a skill you hardly ever used.
Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I was up at 2 AM, wide awake and had the sudden motivation to complete a task and be productive. Something I always loved on other blogs and wanted to do for my own blog here at LittleMissKeri was to create a list of social media buttons for easy navigation to my other social media sites. My computer-coding skills finally came in handy in order to make this idea into a reality.
See those social media pins on the side bar? Yep. I HTML-coded them myself! Crazy, right? HTML-coding was definitely not something I thought I’d use ever again, but it definitely came in handy when I decided to add those pins to the side bar!
This year, use a skill that you hardly ever use. Whether it’s HTML-coding or baking a pumpkin pie– whatever it is, try it out this year.
Surprise yourself, surprise others. Doing something from the usual is fun!

Well, there ya have it! Although there are many things to do to make 2014 awesome, these are three to get you started.

Attempting a new project, reading a new book, or discovering a new hobby? Comment below and let me know what it is! I’d love to feature you in an upcoming blog post– more details about that later. ;]


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