5 Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life

Did the title grab you?


It worked. Now that you’ve clicked to read the rest of this post, I will continue. And YES, these will change your life. Keep reading :]


If you’re anything like me, you take pride in an organized space.

Even if it’s a drawer– when it’s organized, you feel like you can go conquer the world.

It’s been pretty cold and snowy over in these parts, but today was gorgeous. A high of 45 degrees.

Sadly, that is actually spring-like weather these days. I didn’t wear a coat, I drove with the windows down, and bought a caramel iced coffee to celebrate the “arrival of spring.”

Ha. It’s far from spring, but my mind is already in the mood for warmer weather and brighter colors.

I’ve talked about this before (specifically in this post).

With a little down time away from homework and meetings, I found myself searching the pages of Pinterest this afternoon. I came across a few amazing organizational ideas that I want to share because they seem to be life changing and anything that’s life changing is worth a shot, right?

These are my top 5 organization tips that will change your life (found through Pinterest): 

1. The Finance Binder— Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of finances to keep track of. HOWEVER, I still pinned this. Why? Well, 1. The notebook was adorable (I admit this now). and 2. Keeping track of anything money-related is overwhelming and stressful. These tips are simple and useful. They’re practical and easy to maintain. The blogger does a great job explaining the process and shares words of advice to make sure you get the best experience with the binder.

2. Wardrobe Editing— This handy dandy little chart is extremely useful. I’m terrible at going through clothes and knowing what to keep and what to get rid of. I always think I’ll wear it again, sometime in the future when the time is right, and end up putting it right back into my closet to sit and wait for “perfect timing” that never comes. Instead, I found this and I pinned it to keep it forever because it’s just too awesome and straight forward.

3. The Daily Page Notepad— I found this today. I fell in love instantly. 1. It saves paper. 2. It keeps everything together 3. It’s easy to maintain. 4. If you complete one page every day, you have every day organized for the rest of your life. I mean, c’mon! That’s cool!

4. Manage the Email Inbox— I love The College Prepster. Seriously, she’s someone I aspire to be when I grow up. Her posts are great and this one is no different. I’m slowly but surely fitting this into my schedule and trying desperately to make it a habit. If your email inbox is anything like mine, at times, it can be extremely overwhelming and seem like the end is out of sight. These tips actually work and have helped me (so far) keep track of everything without me losing my mind. (Tip #4 has been SUCH a lifesaver!!)

5. This picture alone makes me want to organize my entire desk. Cute, right?!

Told you they’re life changing! They’ve helped satisfy my need for spring cleaning and have helped me reorganize my life in the process. I’m still searching for more great tips and ideas, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

What about you? What inspires you? Feel free to share any comments, advice, tips, or links below!



One thought on “5 Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life

  1. Hello there, TLDHG – I really enjoyed this one! Yes, the title “grabbed me.” That’s not to say that I’m going to DO everything you posted (in fact, I’m sure I won’t) but I read things like this, tuck them away in my brain, and make use of them as needed. The tips you gave are all very practical and I LOVE practical! Keep ’em coming! Until next time – Love you lots! Mom Mom


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