12 Thoughts My 12 Year Old Self Has About Her Future Self

I turned 21 a few weeks ago. The actual idea that I have not been a teenager for two years is crazy in and of itself, but to think that I am now officially in my 20s… well, my younger self finds this hard to believe.

Lately, I’ve been searching through old photos and reading old diaries (I wrote A LOT of hilarious things growing up– most of which are extremely embarrassing and/or completely stupid tidbits of information). I also could not journal on a daily basis to save my life. I ended up writing once in a while and always apologized to my journal for not writing. (I was a sympathetic person to inanimate objects). Being who I am now makes me wonder what my 12 year old self would think. As a 12 year old, as most 12 year olds do, I thought that being in college and being in your 20s meant that you were basically ancient and about to die of old age.

False. Completely false. Tell every 12 year old you know– being in your 20s is NOT old.

My interests and aspirations changed through the years and going through old documents and personal belongings, I’ve begun to realize just how much I’ve grown up. Sad. For example, I recently took a Buzzfeed quiz (I’m addicted, by the way) entitled: Did you really grow up in the ’90s? The fact that this is an actual quiz is hilarious, but the fact that I felt the need to prove to myself that I was indeed, and still am, a true ’90s kid is kind of pathetic. Yet necessary.

The questions revolved around toys, movies, games, and fads that were popular in the ’90s. I am here as a proud (maybe just a little embarrassed…okay, a lot embarrassed) ’90s kid, through and through, according to the experts of BuzzFeed. I received a solid 95/125 score of how ’90s I am. So rad. So sad.

With that said, as a (belated) celebratory post regarding my 21st birthday, here are 12 Thoughts My 12 Year Old Self Has About Her Future Self…as told through a mock journal entry, written in the same format that many entries I wrote growing up are in. Enjoy!


Dear Journal,

Hi. It’s Keri again. I’m sorry I keep forgetting to write. I’ve been busy…with stuff. Too much stuff. It’s kind of sad. I mean, I’m only 12 years old. Why is life so demanding? Okay, well enough  about that. I have serious news for you.

SERIOUS NEWS!!!      !!!

I kinda met my future self and talked about the year 2014. It’s weird, but I just NEEDED to tell you. Mom’s downstairs with the boys doing school so I’m in my room hiding. Hehe:)

Okay, so here it is. Um… BARLOW GIRL BROKE UP. Now I’m sad. Who will I listen to now? Certainly not Jeremy’s music, ew. (P.S. Oh great, future self says that I start listening to Jeremy’s music– noooo).

HANNAH MONTANA WENT CRAZY. I knew it. That blond wig didn’t fool me.

All the nights of praying haven’t helped yet. They STILL haven’t made Finding Nemo 2. Ugh. Oh, and to make this day a little worse, future me actually ENJOYS watching football. Yep. Oh, and.. my dream career apparently goes from working at Fox News to working in SPORTS public relations. (Whatever that is). I blame Jeremy. It’s his fault, I’m sure.

Guess I’m going to be small forever, because I never grow after this year. Not even an inch. 5’1 3/4 forever. Yay:(

Also, not sure who this Jack Sparrow guy is, but future me apparently thinks he’s the best. Oh, and coffee. Future me actually LIKES coffee. It’s bitter and gross. Why, I will never understand me. There’s also these things called Twitter and Facebook on the computer. Sounds dumb. I’ll stick to Nancy Drew, thanks.

Mom’s calling me so I g2g. Here are three more things that I told myself: I go to college and I love it (and I don’t fail out! YES. THE NIGHTMARES ARE FALSE). Be nice to the brothers– they end up being my best friends. (Yeah, okay. I think I lost my mind in the future). And I start a blog and quit journaling except for once in a while. Sorry journal, I guess our times are coming to an end. Again.





3 thoughts on “12 Thoughts My 12 Year Old Self Has About Her Future Self

  1. Hey, TLDHG,

    I love your posts! This particular one brought back many memories to ME, too, believe it or not. I remember your Barlow Girl period.

    I remember your Hannah Montana period, too. (That’s the current-day Miley Cyrus, right? Whatever happened to her?)

    And how could I forget your huge crush on Jack Sparrow, otherwise known as Johnny Depp?

    I remember all your brothers VERY WELL, too. What nice young men they STILL ARE!

    As for being short – you’re not short; you’re petite. Many girls would kill to be short and/or petite.

    I love all your posts! Keep ‘em coming!

    Lots of love from TLGHG


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