3 Tips for Type-A Adventurers

It may sound like an ironic statement, but I would consider myself a Type-A Adventurer.

Typically, Type-Aers are known for their organized, structured, detailed and meticulously scheduled ways. Some might even call them workaholics because of their need for perfection, to always give their 110% in everything they do, to work themselves to the brink of exhaustion.

As someone who would call themself a Type-A individual, I can testify that sometimes, those above statements hold true. I can overwork, overthink, over-do, and over-caffeinate, and this semester already, I have done so many times. I do put 110% in whatever I do and dive into whatever project(s) I’m working on. These can be pros, but they can also be cons.

The thing about being a Type-A{ish} individual is that I also like adventure and doing random things.

But being someone who packs a schedule filled with tasks, tasks, tasks… sometimes, it’s hard to let loose and live a life that includes a bit of adventure.

But this semester, I’m learning it is possible to be, and do, both.

And so, if you, too, would consider yourself a Type-A Adventurer, here are a few tips on how to invite adventure to your packed schedules.

1. Schedule time for nothing.

As someone who is attached to her planner, I write down everything {and I mean everything} in the pages. Daily to-do items {i.e. responding to emails, completing assignments, printing out papers}, obvious tasks {making bed, taking shower, getting gas for the car} and goals for the month {send 10 letters, write 2 blog posts, create social media plans}– you name it, it’s in the planner. But, I’ve also learned to schedule {literally schedule} time to. do. nothing. Even if it’s 10 minutes, just those few minutes are some I anticipate throughout the day to simply relax, unplug and not text/email/Facebook/Twitter/blog/talk to anyone. Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly “adventure,” but it’s still 10 minutes of un-planned nothingness and that is good enough sometimes.

2. Do something that scares you. 

I don’t mean go to a haunted house {unless you’re into that type of thing}. I mean, go out of your comfort zone. Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean skydiving; it means doing one thing a day that pushes you to do something that’s not comfortable. It could mean anything from attempting a new exercise regimen or ordering a new coffee order at the local cafe to attempting a new recipe from Pinterest. To quote Mean Girls, “The limit does not exist.”

3. Accept that schedules will change.

It’s probably one of the hardest things to accept, but sometimes, your plans will change. I know, I know. You’ll need to readjust and adapt to new things. For Type-A {ish} individuals, this is probably the worst news you can give to them. We breathe our planner and obey it religiously. For it to be wrong sometimes invites a panic attack, or at the very least, a bit of stress. Don’t. It’s possible to survive a change in plans. Go with the flow. Be a little bit adventurous. Don’t live a life according to a schedule. Although they’re great, sometimes you need to let loose and just live!

As a senior in college, I’m feeling the pressures that come with the approach of “the real world.” It’s easy for me to get caught up in the preparations, in the thoughts of “What if?” and “Then what?” Those thoughts can be so overwhelming that it takes away from savoring the moments of the present. It’s difficult to enjoy unexpectedness when determination to accomplish the to-do lists is at the forefront of your mind. However, I’ve learned {or should I say, I’m learning} that worrying about the future takes away from the joys of today. I’ve spoken about finding the little joys in every day, and in a way, they are small tokens of adventure. It’s easy to run right past them, but the best time to start looking is now.

No longer are we forced to choose structure or adventure. With a little bit of compromise, it is possible to accomplish both.

What’s your biggest challenge as a Type-A individual?

If you don’t consider yourself a fellow Type-A{ish} person, what are some tips you’ve received in the past to make sure you stay organized but leave room for fun? 


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