Back to the grind I go.

Winter session is basically over. In just a little over 12 hours, I’ll be back on campus, back in class, back to taking notes, back to writing papers.

In a little over 12 hours, I will begin the last first day of school.

As a kid, I looked forward to the beginning of school, mostly for the school supplies shopping trip I’d do with my mom and brothers. New notebooks will always be a weakness of mine.

“Are you looking forward to your last semester of college?” Many people ask me, probably already expecting the answer.

“It’s bittersweet,” is my response. I love my school, love the friends I’ve met, love the memories I’ve made. I will graduate with a degree I’ve worked hard for and will be proud of. I’ve found my passion through my classes and extracurriculars and, with God’s grace, pursue it as a career. I have loved the last four years, but I am also ready for what’s to come. I’m ready for First, Risk and Joy. adventure

Getting ready for tomorrow, I’m watching The Grammys, admiring the fashion and following the hashtag on Twitter. I get excited about trending topics and the “who wore it better” debates. {P.S. Sam Smith just won New Artist of the Year, just so ya know.}

I’m emptying my backpack from last semester {yeah, I procrastinated that BIG time this winter} and repacking it for tomorrow. Thankfully, my backpack will not even come close to weighing 25 pounds like it did freshman year… yeah, no joke. It was that heavy. {Blog post to prove I’m not making this up.}

A Type-A preparation ritual, I retest my pencils and pens, select new notebooks and folders, and find extra USB cords and phone chargers to pack just in case. I am the over-thinker and the over-packer, which means I will never under-prepare for anything. I even have packed an umbrella even though it’s the dead of winter– if that tells you anything.

I don’t have much to say tonight, but I am thankful for this last night of preparation for college. I won’t get too sentimental until closer to May {there’s your warning!}, but get ready for updates on what’s to come. Firs, Risk and Joy… I’m ready to see what those three words encompass.

Back to the grind I go.

Also, a little inspiration for your upcoming week. Kid President for the win!kid president


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