5 Wedding Planning Tips From a Budget-Friendly Bride

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As some of you know, I’m engaged! So far wedding planning has been a whirlwind of to-dos, appointments, and meetings, but I’ve been having a blast dreaming and preparing for our big day.

It blows my mind how much money brides will spend on their day. I am all for big dreams and beautiful weddings, but I am also budget conscious and proud of it. It’s been a fun challenge to find creative ways to save money while also planning the wedding of our dreams.

Here are 5 ways I’ve stayed budget conscious as I plan for October!

keri engaged wedding planning

{ONE} Save-The-Dates

Save-the-dates were one of the first things I checked off my to-do list because… I’m not doing them. Many of our friends and family already know when our wedding is either by word-of-mouth or by asking us, so I’m saving money and only sending out official invitations instead!


I haven’t officially sent my invitations yet, but I already know one thing I won’t include when I do: RSVP cards. Creating a wedding website where guests can RSVP, find location details, registry information, and more not only saves on postage, but it also keeps all of the RSVPs and necessary information in one place.

{THREE} Dinner

This is total preference, but I love buffet-style dinners as opposed to multiple-course dinners. It allows guests the flexibility to eat what they want while also making sure you don’t over-order and over-spend.

{FOUR} Cake

Do you remember the cake from the last wedding you attended? Probably not. Instead of cashing out tons of money for an extravagant and multi-tiered cake, I will order a giant sheet cake and serve it pre-cut to our guests. To keep up with tradition, we will most likely still order a smaller cake for photos and tasting, but since my fiance isn’t a huge cake person, stay tuned for possible alternatives. 😉

{FIVE} The Dress

love my dress for many reasons but one of them is the fact that I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on it. I watch TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and am baffled by the amount of money some brides spend on a beautiful dress they will wear once. Don’t get me wrong, I think the dress is extremely important, but will I spend a down payment’s worth on it? Absolutely not. I’m a witness to all you brides out there: It is possible to find your dream dress without breaking the bank!

Do you have any budget-saving tips and tricks? I’d love to hear them so comment below!


3 Tips for Type-A Adventurers

It may sound like an ironic statement, but I would consider myself a Type-A Adventurer.

Typically, Type-Aers are known for their organized, structured, detailed and meticulously scheduled ways. Some might even call them workaholics because of their need for perfection, to always give their 110% in everything they do, to work themselves to the brink of exhaustion.

As someone who would call themself a Type-A individual, I can testify that sometimes, those above statements hold true. I can overwork, overthink, over-do, and over-caffeinate, and this semester already, I have done so many times. I do put 110% in whatever I do and dive into whatever project(s) I’m working on. These can be pros, but they can also be cons.

The thing about being a Type-A{ish} individual is that I also like adventure and doing random things.

But being someone who packs a schedule filled with tasks, tasks, tasks… sometimes, it’s hard to let loose and live a life that includes a bit of adventure.

But this semester, I’m learning it is possible to be, and do, both.

And so, if you, too, would consider yourself a Type-A Adventurer, here are a few tips on how to invite adventure to your packed schedules.

1. Schedule time for nothing.

As someone who is attached to her planner, I write down everything {and I mean everything} in the pages. Daily to-do items {i.e. responding to emails, completing assignments, printing out papers}, obvious tasks {making bed, taking shower, getting gas for the car} and goals for the month {send 10 letters, write 2 blog posts, create social media plans}– you name it, it’s in the planner. But, I’ve also learned to schedule {literally schedule} time to. do. nothing. Even if it’s 10 minutes, just those few minutes are some I anticipate throughout the day to simply relax, unplug and not text/email/Facebook/Twitter/blog/talk to anyone. Okay, okay, so it’s not exactly “adventure,” but it’s still 10 minutes of un-planned nothingness and that is good enough sometimes.

2. Do something that scares you. 

I don’t mean go to a haunted house {unless you’re into that type of thing}. I mean, go out of your comfort zone. Adventure doesn’t necessarily mean skydiving; it means doing one thing a day that pushes you to do something that’s not comfortable. It could mean anything from attempting a new exercise regimen or ordering a new coffee order at the local cafe to attempting a new recipe from Pinterest. To quote Mean Girls, “The limit does not exist.”

3. Accept that schedules will change.

It’s probably one of the hardest things to accept, but sometimes, your plans will change. I know, I know. You’ll need to readjust and adapt to new things. For Type-A {ish} individuals, this is probably the worst news you can give to them. We breathe our planner and obey it religiously. For it to be wrong sometimes invites a panic attack, or at the very least, a bit of stress. Don’t. It’s possible to survive a change in plans. Go with the flow. Be a little bit adventurous. Don’t live a life according to a schedule. Although they’re great, sometimes you need to let loose and just live!

As a senior in college, I’m feeling the pressures that come with the approach of “the real world.” It’s easy for me to get caught up in the preparations, in the thoughts of “What if?” and “Then what?” Those thoughts can be so overwhelming that it takes away from savoring the moments of the present. It’s difficult to enjoy unexpectedness when determination to accomplish the to-do lists is at the forefront of your mind. However, I’ve learned {or should I say, I’m learning} that worrying about the future takes away from the joys of today. I’ve spoken about finding the little joys in every day, and in a way, they are small tokens of adventure. It’s easy to run right past them, but the best time to start looking is now.

No longer are we forced to choose structure or adventure. With a little bit of compromise, it is possible to accomplish both.

What’s your biggest challenge as a Type-A individual?

If you don’t consider yourself a fellow Type-A{ish} person, what are some tips you’ve received in the past to make sure you stay organized but leave room for fun? 

4 Ways to Balance Creativity and Work: Article by Made By Meagan’s founder, Meagan Walsh

Keri Note: As part of the new year, I wrote down several resolutions I was determined to keep. One of which was to incorporate guest bloggers into LittleMissKeri on a regular basis.

I am SO very excited to feature Meagan as the first guest. We swapped blogs– I guest wrote on her’s (my article can be found here) and now she is writing on mine! Yay!

Meagan is a fellow college student and the next Martha Stewart (sans jail time). She’s a crafting queen and the nicest person you’ll ever meet. I’ve gotten to know her better through school and extracurricular activities and have always been envious of the way she can make something out of nothing. Through her Instagram and Pinterest pages, it’s easy to tell that she has talent behind the sewing machine. To say it plainly, she puts Pinterest DIYs to shame.

To feature Meagan on this blog is an honor. Not only is she a creative genius, but she also just opened her Etsy shop and you can now buy her creations! Stop by the shop by clicking here and buy something from Meagan today!



As an upcoming college graduate, I find myself completely terrified of entering the workforce. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed past job experiences, but the notion of spending my entire life behind a desk and missing out on time with friends and family is something that just cuts to the core.

I am then reminded that nearly everyone I know either has, is currently, or will one day go through a very similar situation and I’m faced with the reality of making the best of it. In an ideal situation we would land our dream job with a dream salary in a dream location and we would live out our days happily as contributing members of society.

But frankly it’s not that easy. Working long hours in less-than-desirable pay grade is the norm, especially for first-time employees, but the characteristics reach far-beyond entry-level positions.

I’ve always been the creative type. I enjoy spending my days behind my sewing/embroidery combination machine (yes, I’m an old lady stuck in a twenty-something’s body) and there’s a good chance I’ve lost all my fingerprints as a result of my glue gun. I find that I’m at my happiest when I create something with my hands. From hair bows, to purses to scrapbook crafting, I’m into it all.

Mod podge runs through my blood.

I’m finding myself increasingly scared that once I find a full time job and begin working that I’m going to lose the energy to complete a hobby that genuinely fulfills my soul. I’ve been very fortunate to grow up in a household which thrives on creativity while also balancing strict academic and personal success. My parents raised me to succeed academically while always allowing me to paint, sew, act, and play sports.

I’ve made it my personal pledge to keep that mindset during the beginning of my career. I think that no matter what stage of career you find yourself in, it’s imperative to maintain creative balance.

Here’s my pledge (which I intend to hang up on my wall in some sort of crafty fashion) to help maintain creative balance in a working career.

1. Schedule Time


Make time at least once per week to indulge in a creative outlet. Whether it be painting, photography, interpretive dance, sewing, or music. Honestly I don’t really care what you do- just do something. Depriving yourself of a hobby that you love for the sake of making money will hurt your soul in the long run (I can’t guarantee the soul-crushing, but go with it). Write down that time in your planner- and actually do it. This time is for YOU and bettering YOU. This isn’t time to skimp out on.

2. Create Something with your Hands. 

It’s my personal belief that there is literally nothing better than the satisfaction you get from creating something. The first time I made a pillow was quite possibly one of the best days of my life. It’s so important that we, as humans, recognize our amazing ability to create beautiful things. walsh3

3. Share

The internet is amazing. Amidst all of the scary corners of the internet, we find spaces where we can share our creative outlets with others. From a simple share on facebook of that Pinterest recipe gone horribly wrong, to a full blown tutorial (check mine out!) to share to everyone, being able to have the work you do inspire someone else to create is an amazing feeling.

4. Reflect

It’s so tempting to come home from work and retreat into yourself. During my summer internship I sometimes worked normal hours and sometimes worked into the night and I found it so hard to just relax. We want to take a nap, watch some TV and interact on social media. Take some time every day to reflect. It doesn’t matter what on, but what it all boils down to is perspective. Work is not your life, your love, happiness, relationships and satisfaction are your life. Reflection can take many forms, but it’s important to find the form you most identify with- from meditation to religion to just writing it all down.

Am I still afraid of losing a little bit of my time and energy when I start working? Of course. As part of my personal pledge, I finally opened my etsy shop, giving myself literally no excuse to slack on taking some creative time to myself- I mean, I have orders to fill!

Perspective. It’s all about perspective.

Am I still going to search for my dream job? Yes.

Am I going to find my dream job? Yes.

Am I going to set aside creative me-time after I have an amazing day at my dream job? Yes.

Do what makes you happy. If you’re lucky enough for your career to be your creative outlet, then that’s amazing, and I can only hope to one day be in your shoes.

What do you do to balance career and creativity? Tweet me and visit me on my blog and on my crafting blog!