Monthly Roundup: May Favorites


I struggled through a bit of writer’s block this month. I’m sure you figured that out considering I aim to post every Friday, but this month I definitely did not do that.

I’m not sure why exactly. It just happened. I didn’t want to write fluffy stuff just to post something on here. That’s not fair to you, and that’s not who I am. I’d rather have quality over quantity. Usually I have lots of blog post ideas, but this month my creativity tank was empty. Looking back, there are definitely things I could have written about but the ideas didn’t come to me at the time.

The month went by quickly. The weather got nicer and our schedules got busier, but here are a few May favorites. In June, I promise to be better at posting! (I already have a few ideas up my sleeve.)

{ONE} Social Media Week in New York City

I quite literally started this month heading to a conference that’s been on my career bucket list for a while now: Social Media Week in New York City. I love attending (and speaking!) at conferences and have wanted to attend Social Media Week for a few years now. On May 1, my coworker and I woke up at 4:30am, hopped on a train, and heading to the big city for a day full of learning. I definitely geeked out and had a blast learning from brands like Under Armour, State Farm, The Daily Show, and NBC Universal. (Photo about of my coworker and me in Time Square.)

{TWO} Gym Routine

Luke and I joined a gym this month! There’s one 5 minutes from our house and I couldn’t wait to join it. I’ve never joined a gym before. Usually I’d attend a workout class or run around a local park. Now that we’ve joined, though, it’s a game changer. I try to go at least 4 times a week right after work. I’m only a few weeks into this new routine but I can already tell it’s turning into a habit. I’ll write a full blog post about my gym routine soon. I’m *slowly* getting back into running, which I am thrilled about. My playlist is lacking, though. It literally has not been updated in years. Song suggestions are appreciated!

{THREE} Old Navy Dresses

Old Navy had a great online sale last week and I literally couldn’t resist. I have two dresses of the same style from last year and have wished that I purchased more colors. It’s so comfortable and versatile. It just so happened the dress was on sale so I bought it in three more colors. It’s perfect for summer and I already know they’ll be worn quite frequently (aka all the time).

{FOUR} Laura Story Concert

I attended a Laura Story concert this month, hosted by a non-profit that’s close to my heart, MARKINC Ministries. Admittedly, I wasn’t too familiar with Laura Story’s music prior to the concert but I recognized a lot of her songs! Highly recommend listening to Blessings if you haven’t already. It’s one of her most recognizable hits.

{FIVE} Outdoor Update

During Memorial Day weekend, Luke and I took advantage of a furniture sale and bought ourselves a table and chairs set for our porch! (#Adulting.) I’ve already dreamed of having a front porch that’s perfect for relaxing, working, and enjoying the warm summer days (and nights). We ate lunch out there over the weekend and it was so nice! I can’t wait to sit out there the next time I work from home.