On My Radar / 5 February Favorites


February was one long month, which is pretty ironic considering it is the shortest month of the year!

I blame it on the cold, miserable temperatures and minimal sunlight we received.

Although it was long and cold, I did choose to find the good and discovered a few favorite things about the month!

Since it’s Mid-March (aka way too late for a monthly round up in my opinion!), I’m combining my February Favorites with what’s currently on my radar.

— — —

{ONE} Flowers

Okay, okay… This isn’t a February-specific favorite, BUT I did learn to appreciate the touches of spring when it was snowing outside. There’s something special about having fresh flowers inside when it’s cold and snowy outside. This bouquet was my favorite because of the colors and because I won it at a bridal event (a win-win)!

{TWO} Bloom Daily Planners

I love to plan, organize, and schedule everything. I call January my “trial” month because I coast on the motivation that comes with the new year. February and March, however, wake me up pretty quickly and puts my organization skills to the test. I’ve been using Bloom Daily Planners for over two years now and they’re amazing. The planner breaks it up by month, week, and day so there is plenty of space to write notes and be as Type-A as you want!

{THREE} This is Us

All. The. Feels. If you watch NBC’s This is Us, you understand. February was a shocking month for the show, to many viewers’ dismay. Still not over it. What an amazing show, though. It has quickly become one of my favorites. For those of you who are in the same boat, watch Parenthood on Netflix. That show is good, too!

{FOUR} The Super Bowl

What would February be without the Biggest Game of the year? This year was a real nail-biter and a history-maker. I was fortunate to work behind-the-scenes for this game in particular and had the privilege of meeting Brent Celek, who up until recently, was the Eagles’ Tight End. He’s super nice and very, very tall.

{FIVE} Fern Flowers

I traveled to Boston this past weekend and visited a little flower boutique called Fern Flowers. It’s a two-room shop filled with plants, succulents and flowers, a.k.a. Keri heaven. It was magical. This picture does not do it justice.


Can’t wait to see what the rest of March has in store. So far, so good!


College can change you.

College can change you.
In more ways then one if you let it, but I have only noticed one change in me:
I now enjoy/understand football.

Wait… what?! Hello, Keri? Is this really you?
If you had asked me a few years ago, “Do you watch football?”
I would’ve said yes, of course. I watch it. Always have. But here’s the catch.
You can watch something, but not understand it.
You can watch something, but not enjoy it.
You can cheer on your team, and then sit down and realize you have no idea why you just stood up and cheered.
You just cheered because everyone else did, so you assumed that was a good thing.

This was my life. Sadly, I will admit this now, although in the past, I would’ve deemed it untrue.

College changed me in the fact that I now voluntarily go to the football games. But I don’t just sit and watch.
I cheer the team on, sit in the freezing cold, endure the torrential downpours, and make signs for my football-playing friends.
This isn’t the same Keri as two years before. This isn’t the same Keri even one year ago.
THIS Keri understands football.
Just the fact that I dedicated a blog post to this fact proves that college has changed me.
And you know what?
It’s not a bad change in the slightest.
For once, I actually kinda am okay with change.